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06 March 2011

My Sunday [6 March 2011]

In the peaceful dream, I waked up. The next moment, I bath my self with the only stinky ice water and go for a pray. After completely pray, it's 8 O'clock morning. I go to a place where people playing, jumping, jogging, running and skating, it was a playground. In the early morning of Sunday, many people were out for maintain their healthiness.

I different from what they were basically doing for this. I went for a warm up about 10 minutes, then start a slow jog for 2 rounds then I start sprinting. Sprinting is the action where whole body is been push forward and in a very high oxygen debt condition. After I sprint for 2 minute until the end of the track, my breath is fast and the muscle is starting to lose its function.

I intake as many air as I can to forward removing out the carbon dioxide and getting for the oxygen to oxidize the lactic acid in my muscle, cells of my body. After 78 seconds, all just back to normal. Then, I took my hockey stick go for a long shooting training.

The hockey stick is basically not more than 757 g. It is already a rule for the manufacture for the hockey stick in international competition. While the hockey ball is made up of slightly rubber and some golf-like structure which can hit and go for fast tracing.

I find a place with 4 side wall in the skating ground. I start hit the ball to a distance 6 meter to the wall and it's bounce back with a high velocity. i quickly lay down my stick in order to to the ball completely. The motion of the ball is 0, the acceleration is 0 and finally the speed become 0. It is a complete stop.

What is basically about hockey is "HIT & STOP" the basic skill for that will bring you for a nice and fun game. The more you played, the funner you are, once you touched the stick, you never forgetting the feel, you never stop playing on it, you never ... ... lose the grip.

What next? This is my first blog's post!


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