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14 March 2011

Hockey, the spirit

I was the happiest person if our team can cooperate with each others in the midst of hardship. Today, what I do is go for the place we meet on 7:50 am. I was the first person there, this is the punctuality, honestly and promises of a leader that must be the earlist person who observe the weather, Feng Shui, the suitableness of training hockey on that day.

On 8:10 am, my first teammate come is Daniel low. He come with some rush and his reason is he late for eating his breakfast. Then followed by Jesper, Xiang, Singh, Wong Sifu, Seng Yong. That's all for my teammate who can attend the training. It is just 7 man, each man have their own stick, the spirit get started.

We do double dribbling, triple 3 dribbling, triangular dribbling, long pass, short pass, tackle jab, reverse tackle, right hand snatch tackle and so on. The training was about 45 minutes. In the process of being train, the feel of childish should be put it on a side and the effort and the spirit must be always flows on the mind.

The ball gets faster and faster on the concrete compared to glass. The hardness to shoot is more power than the glass. After 45 minutes training, we have a small break then a game started. A game with only 3-3 with 1 observer. The match was awful, the hits ah I tell you, you never find on next hit. Every man can do hitting, stopping and also dribbling. Here the spirit comes, I hope that this year 2011, we can win and go in to the final. Our mission "The life of hockey, nice way you feels.
The hockey team - POWER nice!


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