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01 August 2011

Cyber world Traveling

Today, I travel in the cyber world started at 8:00 am. When the computer is ready, I move my pointer to the browser to start the exploration. Once it opened, I go through seven country's news. What I had been seen the world is getting more high technology passes this few years.

The journey begin travel direct to the head of the world by using Malaysian Air Line "Mix FM" is on played. The first page of USA Today is always the white house where Obama like to stay there. The country was very advance, covered with military HIGH TECHNOLOGY defense system by using 5G. The coverage of Air, Land, Water, Space and Underground. It is still unbeatable bug just like that and many terrorists still want to attack on white man. I don't seem have the answer and wonder they still a outdated country or races. But, what am I receiving daily is about the lifestyle, locations and the mission they fight for everyday with my spy mission is still running.

Terrorist are not outdated and unused. They just have the same technology what American have although Malaysian still do not realise that. Terrorist live in tunnel, ground which is a safe place for them to be hind themselves but with the technology of 5G, I think they need to create the 6G's for hiding purpose and act as a shelter for them.

Next, i get continue travel to Germany [The local Germany's News] with the "Mix FM" still on. First image of Germany to me is great in technology. Their measurements, qualities event the product and the level of ethnics of human sin the Germany is really great and prefect. The security of country in wonderful without using any manual registration and alarm system. Everywhere is a direct connection to landlines works with satellite, the cons is the supply of current, if the electricity is down then whole country will be fall into darkness of evil. But what I saw today is the all good side of Germany. There is no war, very peaceful country and the best part is among the road, you will never saw a piece of paper or plastics of rubbish. That is the thing or moral that Malaysia must have.

Next, I went to Russia. The place where it is a restricted area with army protection along the border and also the cyber world. Russian people are mostly communist and half of them were army-terrorist. In Germany, they have rights to kill people without a word mention and you were just a dead dog with no sound is waved. Provided, the pass or visa you got is from the General of Defense Ministry or President of Russia. The Russian news [RIA Novosti] just have a Obama image on the main page. The hold of Victor power that owns by white man with Russia is fair enough to make a peaceful world.

Russia had good technology, engineering skills, programmer, electrical engineering even a physician is there to build a air-craft, space shuttle and rockets. To build these 3 items there is a time where the country will be lack money and is a risk for it to be a Bank crop.Nowadays, Russian focus on army training and security that is prepare for them to be the KING of Asia. 

... That all for the traveling today while working on the internet. Hope the time that given to human is brainy used by the intelligent or entertainer who enjoy.


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