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01 July 2011

Go Movie

Just finished takes the school academic progress report with purple colour paper in a blue file then straight away be in a car. In the car just like the Incredible, changing up costume by lower down the sit and lie on the sofa immediately but all just in manual.

After 5 minutes, I drift my car into the line where there is quite jam but still I reach there on time [12:15 pm]. I straight away go to the Cinema counter and gets my booking seats coupon and meet with my friends. Just left 30 minutes, the show will begin and we were actually watching Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

 In the cinema, we just have a nice row of viewing while we were just sit accordingly and it was the best view. While waiting the shows to begin, it just so coincidence and the meet was so coincidence. I bought the tickets via online booking 2 days ago but she just bought it today and the day that is already foreordination that we may meet in today.

I wonder how and wonder why this opportunity is already happened quite often and I just doesn't prepare to face it. I hope that one day I will with her and the 'with her' is mean that we may be a couple, in the same time we may just a nice couple that she tolerance with me, I respect and love her.

To be start it just nice that be listening but if I still do not make a start and that day is never come. But how do I do that without any power giving to me, guide or a push from the back. I hope the god may just do a meeting where the place just have I and her 2 person starting with our first steps.


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