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18 March 2011

Radioactive level 6

What a nice day to have a cup of cappuccino and surfing internet in this one-stop station. A news pop up at the Google News, stat that the Japan in now facing a nuclear crisis about RADIOACTIVE LEVEL 6.
Japan has said radioactive meltdowns may have occurred in two reactors of the quake-hit Fukushima nuclear plant.
Before the explosion of Nuclear Reactor

Hard to say that it is safe for those 5 more reactor, it is because what is happening here is about the direction of wind blow is already infected to all the country, next 4 days it will spread to USA, German, Australia, Indonesia ... finally reach Malaysia.

What is happened in the site nuclear reactor in Japan now?
The migrating of workers, engineers, cleaners, safe guard and all the Japanese army that guard the are now moving out. So there is no any employee that shift to work in the day, night. What happened inside is a special team force that now checking the radioactive level and the interruption of cooling system.
Nuclear power plant leak
Migrating or moving out from Nuclear Reactor

Checking Radioactive level & interruption cooling system

One by one, nation by nation now is going migrate out of Japan, go to anywhere that is free of radioactive, free of war, peacefully. Actually that is what they do and the consequence they have is basically what is they have done! This is just what they receive during the War world 2, the killing spirit of Dolphin ... etc.

Let focus on the nuclear plant:

This is the nuclear plant in Japan. There is 6 of it and 1 of it had explore to danger and effect those 5 will be explore later. This is because the earthquake. The earthquake had create a big damage to the networking an the Tsunami had float over the city until the gas supply in nuclear plant had destroyed. This causes certain cooling system had failed to work and finally going into the danger situation.

Here is it:

Nuclear Active HAZARD level 6

Some professor that mention about the nuclear radioactive level will be from 6 inter-upgraded to 7 due to the enforcement of air and the substance is directed proportional to the hazard substances is enough to reached 15 mSv radiation per hour. It is consider of every human being is about doing 10 - 20 times full body CT scan per hour. Does it logic? It is truly hazardous and causing us to bleed into cancer.

Here is the data that show the radiation level and the causes:
radiation chart image

Any news about the world crisis and will be updated within 24 hours. Thank you for spending your time for reading about this. This is truly helped you a lot! ... the prevention ways will be published on next blog.


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