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14 April 2011

The hockey competition

As the usual we meet at 7:00 am in the school, I am the first who come and do the paper works. The registration, pasting photocopy Identification Card, telephoning reconfirm parents information ... etc. A busy day and a pressure day.

The target is about going to second round, I and my teammate will works for it and ready for the challenge, facing the competitors with strong spirit heart and also our cooperative internal communicating skills - the team. On 8:00 am, we took bus leaving our school, while sucked in the traffic jam, I realised that our teacher and coach did not sit on the bus and I flash back my memory knew that our coach is driving a bike how can be fetching our hockey  club's teacher and also the mineral waters?

I take a phone call to the coach, he told me that he haven't depart from school and still in office. Then he say he wanna to take our bus go, I tell the truth the bus have leaved. He tell me that wait for him but already too late, we have to reach there early because the time is already 9:50 am and our match start 11:00 am.

We wait at the outside of the stadium for 45 minutes. Finally, our coach and teacher had arrived by cab. They walk down from the cab with 1 box of minerals water and some breads. The time is already 10:50, then he told us that our time had been postpone to 12:30 pm. Then we go in to the stadium, warming up our self, do some short sprint and comfort the new hockey sticks.

12:30 pm, our school name is heard "SMK Taman Connaught vs SMK Seri Permaisuri". We went to the ready line and walk in to the field as a team. We choose the best "FENG-SHUI" place and get a nice strike position for our 3 striker, 3 mid-field, 4 defender and 1 goalkeeper. The game starts, I got the ball and I dribbling up to the center, get a nice hits. The ball then passes to striker, trying to score. 3 times our attacks and 2 times their attacks.

Finally, the game ends as 0 - 0 is draw, both team get 1 mark. It is a better results compared to last year, first match already 7 - 0 the 0 is our schools, shame on the seniors. We did a good job for the target to the second round.

The next day as usual, we arrived 7:00 am and took the bus with teacher and coach on 8:40 am we depart. Our first match is 8:30 am vs SMK Dato' Lokman. Our competitor is strong and have at least 2 years experiences. We try our best to maintain our results at the same times we gonna to win this match.

Our team did not attack for the 1st half, and doing a defensive strategy. Our 3 striker is up there waiting for the chances and me, Jesper, Daniel who is mid-fielder did a great job to tackle and defense the enemy from getting into the 3rd line - the defender line.

On the 2nd half, we have to attack. The ball is with me and try to shoot harder and bringing to the up. I bring up for several times but the luck is not on my side, the ball get into the 3rd line trice. Our teammate panic, as usual I follow the dribbler and tackle the ball. I use reverse tackle, front tackle, and back stick tackle .... eventually, the results is maintained 0 - 0.

The 3rd match is on 2:30 pm, the weather is hot and very little hope for win this vs SMK Yacob Latif. This team is the past year champion and It could not be so easy to play. The game starts, I hit the ball many times but it cannot be up to striker. The next tactics we use defensive position, Now the incident where no body were realized the mid-field had loss the ball going to the 3rd line. The defender also be a relax posed that do nothing and also the goalkeeper for standing there watching the ball goes in.

Oh my god. There is a goal, the referee horn, the referee is not standing on our side. He judge that we only play for 1st half and the result is 1 - 0, lose to SMK Yacob Latif.

The desperate of team is the time we gather,
The lose of the game is the way to winning,
The try is good and the gains is ours,
Fight for champion, together with tears.

One time lose never mind, the next time u gonna be great already!


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