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02 April 2011

Success behind the story

What I was surprised is the truth behind the SPM A+ Scorer. What is them basically do is about investing time on their study. The more you invest, the more you get back and with nice smile and little tears of success and the result of being hardworking.

The story behind the tears and smile is very cruel and toughened and rugged. The planing for them is to get straight A+ or maximum A+ that going to "sapu " but the problems is there is no any ways beside than investing 6 to10 hours times for study.

In the time duration of 6 to 10 hours, the way they really and unassailable of  study and understanding of exercise, the concept, consistency of recap what is studying...... These all ha just being a normal struggling of playing the ball inside the "D" shape.
The planing  for you all  guys who will sited on SPM candidates, I have done a very very well trying the ways of study and excising to score maximum. Unfortunately, the way of being recap the topic, doing with little characterize exercise is not going to help you in SPM.

The plan is actually for the candidates of SPM to score is just like the below:
  1. Buy past year questions for 
    • Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Geographic, Principe Accounts, Basic Economic, Creative Drawing, Technical Drawing .... that always stick to the style of questions.
  2. Buy model test questions for
    • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Moral Education, Islam Education, Bible Knowledge, Sejarah, ERT, EST ... that always different from the pass year and have little bit of style of questions.
Your guys must have the times to redo and redo until you can mastered the style, the technique of answering, the listing and the creative of scruple questions ... etc

The investment of times is basically starting from:
  • Try take out 1 hour from you entertainment, being silly, shopping times....
  • Next day, try add about 15 minutes from the last investment [1 hour] and now become 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • The next day add another 15 minutes and become 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Use all the 1 hour and 30 minutes focus on past year questions, maximum 3 subjects.
  • Two days later, increase your saving to  2 hours to fight target.
  • Use the 2 hours to practicing past year question's subjects and model test's subjects.
  • Next day, increase time to 2 hour and 30 minutes and stop gaming, relaxing or other stuffs.
  • The time of 1 hour is used for past year's question practice, 1 hour for model test's question and 30 minutes for recap topical model test's subjects.
  • .... Saving until a time about 4 hours.
  • Now the four hours is being used for: 1 hour past year's question, 1 hour model test's question, 1 hour for recap model test's question, 1 more hour for doing mathematical question.
  • After collected 6 hours study times, use all the time for study, recap, exercise, struggling math's question ....
  • You will start dropping the hair and feel pressure on the head after 6 hours study.
If you feel that, you are the next A+ scorer or flying colours result's feller......
* NOTES: Every time you study, there must consists of 1 or 2 hours mathematically question for warm up, squeeze the brain juice to improve your logical thinking. Besides that, there also consist of 30 minutes of languages essay reading or practicing to improve your sensitivity and focusing study.

Ok... that's all is really really works. You can see the changes soon the test going to be now. Wish you all good luck for your A+ investment time planing!


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