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08 June 2011

Blog Walkie

Blog is the most latest web-based applications that allow people to share their feelings, comments, opinions and etc. for certain thing, phenomenon and so on. At the same time, this is a very good sources to be entertained people with some funny, interesting stuff. Next, it can also be a guide for your daily activities, personal life...

For these time, I traveled the world look in through the virtual world that contain full page dairy, message, day life and so on, that is a blog. The contains of experiences and what my job is to be a walker and as a professional to give my opinions, sharing my ideas, ways and feelings.
On the journey, I learned different mindset of different culture's people. More traveling, I got my own style by posting the status on the facebook, in my blog, my essay writings and so on. It then have a guide, a clear message that directly in your mind will be propose out to the world to be comment.
Sometimes, it may be the way you handle a business, a market trading with live-online proposal, it is become more real with the wordings that describe and comment for the product, a finance, a investment, a statistics report and few data. It then help you to earn some extra income especially on the activities of advertisement, ads publisher, ads builder or you can also be a sponsor for charity and so on.

As the journey I traveled, I have earn and gain the knowledge that is enough good that can be applied into my daily life. Hope you all continue blog walkie which will happy always!


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