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21 June 2011

The Disappear .... suddenly

Disappear suddenly is a phenomenon of very scary without any earlier notice and announcement. All this happened just yesterday while I chat with her and just be wondering making me to more concern about her, her life style was listed.

On the day of the last chat, we just be a normal chat about a interesting topic. She seems to be happy but she disappear today. Where to find? Where to go? Where to ...... It  happened so many tines without reasons and just like a sea breezing the ocean and forming the emotion of human.

One day after another, one week after another week. She will be back on the time that is less pressure, less shockley and etc which is a disturb for her. How about me? I care about anyone by monitoring their status, their comments, their daily life. Have a group of team that is always monitoring you all from being depress, hot tempered and sometimes ready fall into a trap.

I always pray her for the best, wish her success and hope god giving her power to complete her mission, jobs without complaining the stuff is too many or ... As a human, we should always be ready for the challenges, bravely, look through yourself and sure can do it. - Never be complains about the difficulties of jobs but wish to have a greater power to complete the mission.


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