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09 July 2011

9 July KL - Protesters VS Malaysia Defence Unit

Malaysia is a peaceful country for pass 30 years... today is our country had already independent for 53 years. There will be 54 this year. Already 53 years, we Malaysian live together with different race and religion. This 53 years, we always tolerance and share our tradition to others with different races. It is a truth of our history had been created with many incidents such as 'bumiputra' , 'royal family'... etc. But all this is very important to show our country is so special of these kind of things or status.

Today, I was live in KL and my hometown is KL too. What happened today is I saw many police with different suite and armed:
  1. Red helmet with Kevlar vest, wood stick
  2. Red helmet with Kevlar vest, shield, wood stick
  3. Red helmet with Kevlar vest, handgun [bullet free]
  4. Red helmet with Kevlar vest, smoke gun [armed smoke grenade]
  5. Red helmet with Kevlar vest, M4 gun [armed with bullets]
  6. Red helmet with Kevlar vest, standby water truck with chemical pressure
  7. Thousand of police squad [green jacket with uniform]
  8. Mr. incredible with plain shirt police inside
  9. Last line defensive soldier and National defensive soldier
These all show that our defence is fantastic and is really strict, this give us a lesson of never play with government with any tricks. Why?
Let's discover the picture below:
Ambiga Sreenevasan is speaking

Police Forces vs the Protesters today

The crowd


 The road block

The unwanted caught
 The unwanted situation

The Police Squad with high security

The leader get a punch but blocked by his loyal body guard

 Get into the building
Soldier surrounded DATARAN MALAYSIA
[causes BERSIH can't get in]
Last line Soldier standby in the business area

Last line police defence infront of  KL High Court

These is enough for us and we would have a community to have a illegal gathering speak about our leader of Malaysia. I had investigate the problems and issues that started this BERSIH 2.0 is the Anwar cases. He is a powerful leader 16 years before, he was a excellent leader for the country but with his power and his job had already reserved the place quite a long time, so they inside the Parliament decided to push him down and it success.

Next, come to the next issue after he went out from ISA. He start to give out his ideas of forming a country. He tells, talk to people and we need change. Then the people listen to him causes BN getting angry and wanna to make him down again.

They plan many thing to shut him down included 3rd plan. They try to pull him in cases an make his name broke by spoiling his image.... all this seem doesn't work. This time is the exchange of verses, himself lead people to protests government. Bersih 2.0 had tying to book Dataran Merdeka for gathering but the Agong already promises and approved but the owner doesn't approve. This make them choose the final choice - The protest go along KL ... no choice but had tried all.

I as a profesisonal, give you all a choice [get your chance vote the right party that can change our country fate!]. Kindly to be announce who already over 21 years old please register as a voter to be vote on election day. Vote the right party that really can be a 'CHANGE' for us, race, country as well as education and economic.


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